The Cadets of Bergenfield, N.J. won the Eastern Classic in Philadelphia tonight with a score of 95.75. The Blue Devils of Concord, Calif., scored 95.70."I thought it went pretty well, with all the changes we put in," said Cadet pit member Sam Raybourn, 22, of San Diego. "The corps was very good tonight," said Cadets director George Hopkins. Eyeing championships next week in Madison, Wis., Hopkins said, "As long as the crowd's in our corner, we've got a good shot. The crowd will control the outcome."If tonight's crowd is representative of the crowd next week in Madison, the Cadets will indeed have a shot at another championship. The rowdy crowd chanted, "One more time" tonight during the Cadets's encore performance.Members of the Blue Devils were likewise pleased with their performance. "We did very well, especially the big horn hits," said Bruce Vrancken, 20, a Blue Devil pit member from Ostend, Belgium.The Glassmen scored 90.10 tonight, and the Crusaders scored 90.95. Full recaps will be available later tonight.