Monday Morning Drum Major will put a brief spotlight on the personalities in the drum corps universe. We'll run it each Monday (obviously). If you have an item worthy enough for mention on Monday Morning Drum Major, e-mail it to Cadillacs for the Cavaliers Viewers who made it through last night's Super Bowl broadcast were treated to a Cadillac DTS commercial scored by Cavaliers percussion composer/arrangerJim Casella. The commercial, which featured the Bethune-Cookman College drum line of Dayona, Fla., aired after the actual contest. "That's the first time I've met any of them," Casella said of the Bethune-Cookman drummers, who were chosen by the Leo Burnett ad agency, as was Casella. "They were amazing." Casella was chosen based on a demo he sent to Leo Burnett. Typically, four or five composers send demos to an ad agency, which then chooses the spot that airs, Casella said. Casella works as a composer and arranger for TV broadcasts and commercials in Portland, Ore. Ironically enough, Casella didn't see the commercial -- he was flying home from a Cavaliers camp last night, a camp which was "great," according to Cavaliers director Jeff Fiedler. Hopkins to live to age 101 We're still processing video taken from the DCI board of directors meetings in Pasadena. This extremely short video doesn't really fit anywhere else. Before this, Hopkins said that a DCI rule generally takes 10 years before it becomes a reality.

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