Building on the success of last year's collaboration between the Concord Blue Devils and the Santa Clara Vanguard in presenting the Drum Corps experience to its fans, Sponsors of Musical Enrichment (SOME) will be adding its show, the "Moonlight Classic" (in Stockton, Calif. on Friday, June 27), to this year's consortium of California drum corps shows that have been historically presented as the "Weekend of Champions." The consortium, a show-promoting partnership between the Blue Devils' and the Santa Clara Vanguard's organizations, will also sponsor the Saturday, June 28 show in Hayward, Calif. (the "Pacific Procession" show), and the Sunday, June 29 show in Pleasant Hill, Calif. (the "Precision West" show). "Drum corps fans will be treated to a weekend of performances by several of the leading corps in the activity. Working together, these organizations will be able to offer discounted tickets to those fans who wish to attend either two or three events," said Dan Vannatta, general manager of the Santa Clara Vanguard. "Last year was very successful, and we have added a longtime sponsor (SOME) and supporter of the activity to give fans more options and a better drum corps experience during the weekend of champions," said Blue Devils' director Dave Gibbs. Participating in the shows during the "Weekend of Champions" will be the Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, Phantom Regiment, Seattle Cascades, Blue Knights, Troopers, Pacific Crest, Mandarins, Vanguard Cadets, Blue Devils' B and C corps and the San Francisco Renegades. "This is the first time in many years that so many Division I corps have been presented to the fans in California," Vannatta said. Phone ticket orders and Web site ticket orders for all three "Weekend of Champions" shows will go on sale on March 18. Check back at for more details.