From a Capital regiment press release: Capital Regiment's 2005 show will be called "Chiaroscuro!" In the visual arts, chiaroscuro refers to a technique that contrasts bright illumination with areas of dense shadow. The term is derived from the Italian words chiaro, which means light, and oscuro, which means dark. The chiaroscuro technique is used to apply value to a two-dimensional piece of artwork to create the illusion of a three-dimensional solid form. The skillful use of light and shade for a dramatic effect is a particular feature in the works of such 16th-century Renaissance masters as Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael and such 17th-century baroque masters as Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Georges de La Tour. This visual arts technique is the basis for famed composer and arranger Robert Sheldon's 2001 work, entitled "Chiaroscuro: Symphonic Dances in Shades of Darkness and Light," the musical anchor for Capital Regiment's 2005 production, "Chiaroscuro!" Sheldon's composition is comprised of four interconnected, dance-like movements that portray various dance gestures. The first movement is dark and menacing. The second depicts a dreamy forest scene. The third movement has a jazz and Latin influence, and the final movement is comprised of a joyous tarantella that accelerates to a tumultuous ending. Capital Regiment's design team is very excited about "Chiaroscuro!" The 2005 design team includes program coordinator Wayne Dillon, brass arranger Jay Bocook, percussion arrangers Keven Murphy and Kate Tice, visual designer Jeff Sacktig, color guard choreographer Budd Williams, and visual consultant Phil Madden. "We are energized by this show concept and Robert Sheldon's composition. Obviously with such a strong group of arrangers and designers building this production, our fans can expect a very original and entertaining production," commented program coordinator Wayne Dillon. "We look forward to exploring the many opportunities presented within the repertoire and expressing the essence of chiaroscuro." For more information about Capital Regiment please visit