From a Capital Sound press release:

With the 2007 competitive season ready to begin, Capital Sound Drum & Bugle Corps has launched a brand new Web site as a part of a corps-wide re-branding and update.

"I am really excited about this next step in our evolution," said Corps Director, Marc Gofstein. "Capital Sound has a great track record of presenting entertaining shows. This will take us to the next level by giving us a unique look and style. Drum corps is about creativity and style. We won't suddenly change how or what we perform, because we've been successful there. However, this move will definitely create our own look and identity."

The new Web site, the creation of corps alum David Peterson, was designed to make a strong first impression of the corps. "I took a look at several other corps' sites," said Peterson. "I noticed that some gave you an immediate idea about the corps and who they were, while others were nondescript. I wanted people see the first page and immediately know that we are a top-notch organization."

Along with the Web site, the corps commissioned Michael Cline, a volunteer with the corps, and alum of the Santa Clara Vanguard, to create the new logo for the corps. This logo has already debuted on new corps jackets, and will be featured on corps souvenirs and the corps' busses. The new look will also include new uniforms in 2008 that will be produced by Stanbury Uniforms.

Visit the new Web site at