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Capital Sound performs in the Boltz driveway.
Sandra L. Boltz sent in this tale: "On July 4, Capital Sound of Madison, Wis., played in our village of Shorewood, Wis., parade. Mom and I live across the street from the schoolgrounds where all our parades end. The bands NEVER play as they near the end of the parade, so we always miss out on the music. "This July 4, the Capital Sound buses parked across the street from us, and I went over to talk to the staff. I indicated I hoped the corps would be playing as they came up our street toward the end. I briefly told Lauren Ripley, the director, who I was, and that mom had been ill and would have to watch the parade from inside the house this year. "Guess what? The corps stopped playing at the bottom of our street and marched off at the parking lot. But to my amazement, Lauren motioned them up to our driveway, where they lined up and played "Georgia" for mom. What a thrill! What a true drum corps! "Thanks again Capital Sound!" Rose and Sandra Boltz are the widow and daughter of E. Grant Boltz, former all-American drum and bugle corps and band association chief judge. Grant helped develop drum corps and was also a well-known musician. Rose is 98 years young and just "retired" from volunteering.