After the ice storm of April 4, 5 and 6 that kept the Capital Sound stranded indoors, the corps is planning to work on its drill this coming weekend, with the hopeful cooperation of a clear weather forecast. "We're doing really well! It's going great!" said corps director Lauren Ripley. Ripley added that the early April storm did allow the corps to finish learning its music. "Now we're working on our drill," Ripley said, noting that uniform refittings would also take place this weekend. "We're full and enjoying ourselves," Ripley said of the corps membership thus far, while adding that the corps consists of 110 participants this year. The corps is seeking two more baritone players. According to the corps' Web site, the group's 2003 program consist of "A collection of life's experiences. Capital Sound's 2003 show, "Passages" celebrates the emotions each of us has shared in our own passage from childhood to adult." The show is broken into four sections: "Expectation," "Lessons," "Reflection" and "Celebration." Ripley elaborated on the specific sections of the program: "Our musical material is from so many different sources, that we created the names of our tunes based on the style and character of it. The titles fit the images that we were trying to portray." For more Capital Sound information, check back with early next week -- Andy Dittrich, a Capital Sound snare drummer, will debut a new DCI column about his and the corps' adventures.