From a Madison Drum and Bugle Corps Association press release: As we enter the 2004 drum corps season, the MDBCA is forced to make some very difficult decisions. For the last five years, we have been able to field three competitive units. Each unit has provided a home and family for many members, staff and volunteers, and all are very dear to us. As we look to next year and beyond though, we must also face realities of the financial commitment drum corps now expects. For the MDBCA to remain a driving force within the activity, we must be financially stable. Executive director Andy Davis proposed to the board of directors that Capital Sound be put on a one-year hiatus so that we could regain our financial foundation. The board has approved the request. Running a Division II & III corps at a break-even level is difficult in today's environment. During the first season, corps are paid appearance fees and provided with housing. In the second season, no appearance fees are paid, but housing is provided the evening of a show. Capital Sound tours only weekends in the first season and takes its longer tour in the second season. Attending DCI finals requires the longer tour in the second half, as does allowing members to attend summer school and hold jobs. This was not an easy decision, nor will it be popular, but I feel it is what is best for the MDBCA at this time. I am creating a six-person advisory committee to come up with suggestions on how to relaunch Capital Sound in 2005, keeping the proper balance education, entertainment and local involvement. Interested parties can submit their request to me at the corps office. Likewise, The Madison Drum and Bugle Corps Association has begun a massive reorganization. As with any reorganization, there are significant changes in the works, some of which will have a profound affect on the complexities of the association. The most drastic move is that Capital Sound will be inactive for the 2004 season. Our goal is to recreate Capital Sound in a form that fits its original intent. The Board of Directors faced a difficult decision with Capital Sound. While Capital Sound had their most successful competitive season in their short history, they also moved away from the purpose for which they were formed. Capital Sound was meant to be a local corps that represented the association in the Madison community. In recent years, they have become a touring corps that did very few performances in the Madison area. Interim executive director Andy Davis, along with association vice president Sarah Teschke and board member Connie Ferris-Bailey, will form a committee to develop a strategic plan for a future Capital Sound. The MDBCA recognizes that there are many routes that can be taken with Capital Sound; we now must find the one route that works best for the Association, the members, and the community. We understand that our decision is unpleasant and disturbing, and that it has affected many wonderful young men and women. However, it was a necessary decision when considering the monumental challenges we all face. In addition to Capital Sound being made inactive, Southwind will become a self-funded and self-supported corps by Oct. 31, 2004. While Southwind will remain under the MDBCA umbrella, it is time that they create a base in Lexington, Ky. Ever since Southwind joined our family, we have failed to grow roots in Kentucky. They will create roots that will enable Southwind to become financially sound. Southwind has recently formed the Southwind Advisory Committee, which is located in the South. The advisory committee, headed by board member Jim Young, will generate a local base, raise funds and ensure that Southwind becomes active in the Lexington community. This reorganization will allow the MDBCA to create a fiscally secure environment that will emphasize providing the best musical and marching instruction leading to the best drum corps experience possible.