After Carolina Crown's performance tonight, Rosie Miller, Carolina Crown's first-years guard caption head, said, "I thought they had a great performance tonight, especially for our second show of the year. We have a lot of new kids, we've just got ten kids into the show today. I'm also very happy with the color guard's performance tonight. We still have a lot of spots we need to fill in, and we also need to clean up a lot of things, plus we are kind of a very young group -- the average age is about 18, but they are doing great. They are good kids, they work hard. I'm really happy with the performance tonight, I'm really proud of them."

"I like the very beginning it has a lot of energy, a lot of excitement. We really got the crowd into it," said David Roth from Marietta, Ga., a fourth-year member and drum major for Carolina Crown, in describing his corps' show. "We are hoping to get a little better, a little cleaner and we want to get the crowd on their feet."