From the Carolina Crown Web site: By Bob Beasley
2004 Carolina Crown drum major
Wow! The first camp is over and I can think of only one word to describe it: Exciting! When I walked in the door, there were already many people waiting in line to register, and registration had not even started. By the end of the week there were over 200 people in attendance at just this camp. Including the remote camps in Texas and Indiana and the drum preregistration, over 350 people registered to audition for Carolina Crown in 2004.

Bob Beasley, Carolina Crown's
2004 drum major
The guard spent the weekend working on technique and learning routines they performed at show and tell. The brass also learned technique but they also learned 2.5 minutes of show music, which they also performed for volunteers and parents at the end of camp.

During the camp I would look around at people that were auditioning and notice so many of them looking nervous -- and this is where I could relate to them. Last year I went through the same process of going to my first drum corps audition, and I had no clue what to expect. This year I went through a similar process. The audition camp was my first camp as a drum major and while I had been a drum major in high school, I knew this was going to be different. And so I was nervous just like everyone else auditioning for the first time. At meal times I made it a goal of mine to eat with four or five new people every meal, so I could meet a lot of them and start learning their names. Almost every time I would have a conversation with a person auditioning, they would ask, "What do I have to do to get a spot?" The only answer I could give them was "Hard work!" I told them not to be nervous and just work hard because the people who work the hardest will be a part of Carolina Crown 2004.
The winter camps are all about working hard and making as much improvement as we can. I think we finished the first camp at a high level and achieved a lot, but I know everyone would be disappointed if we finished the second camp at the same level. And the only way to improve is by working hard at home, everyone coming back to the second camp and bringing more people to audition, and then working hard during the camp.

I want to thank everyone who attended the audition camp and made it such a wonderful experience, especially the volunteers who did a great job as usual. I encourage everyone to return to the second camp prepared and ready to make 2004 the best year in the history of Carolina Crown