Drum corps fans placed thousands of text message votes this weekend in Westminster, Md. and East Rutherford, N.J., for the second and third "Hot Chops" contests presented by ChopSaver all-natural lip balm. Those in attendance voted for their favorite color guard of the night in Westminster on June 29, and their favorite drum line of the night in East Rutherford on June 30. Purely for entertainment value and not related to the competitive outcome of the events, the "Hot Chops" contests give fans the chance to use cell phone text messaging to vote for their favorite "spotlighted" corps section of the night.

ChopSaver creator Dan Gossling presents Carolina Crown with the
"Hot Chops" traveling trophy in East Rutherford, N.J.
The winner of both weekend contests, having the fan's favorite "Hot Chops" again, was Carolina Crown. The corps won the first "Hot Chops" contest in Annapolis, Md. on July 16, and after this weekend, Carolina Crown members have proven that their 2007 program "Triple Crown" is more than just the name of their show. If you missed the weekend's competitions, you can participate in the two remaining "Hot Chops" contests by attending the events held in Beverly, Mass. on July 4 and Lawrence, Mass. on July 6. Purchase a tube of ChopSaver from the DCI.org online marketplace today. Learn more about ChopSaver at ChopSaver.com.