Famed DCI clinician Jim Casella will lead the European "Mega Clinic" for front ensembles this coming Feb. 28 in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Many front ensembles are expected to attend this clinic, which is sponsored by Drum Corps Europe and Percussion Projects.

A shot from the 2003 Mega Clinic.
Workshops for brass and percussion are scheduled to happen on Feb. 28 as well. For the first time, the clinic will also feature master classes for snares and tenors. Other clinicians for the clinic include Bruce Vrancken (Belgium), Rob Hagen (Holland), Erwin van Gemert (Holland), Maurice Groen (Holland), Ramon Opmeer (Holland), Edwin Bogert (Holland), Chris Jones (United Kingdom) and Matt Williams (United Kingdom). During the day, a Drum Corps Europe symposium will be held at the headquarters of Jubal (a corps from the Netherlands). Meanwhile, the 2004 Drum Corps Europe season is shaping up. This summer, fans will enjoy two Dutch contests, on May 29 and Sept. 4. European Championships will be at the Hague on Sept. 25. More information can be found at drumcorps.org.uk.