We're always interested in interesting fund-raising tales, but this one might be the most original idea yet. By Jackie Krasuski I am the type of corps member who is always looking for ways to raise enough money to pay for another year of drum corps. What dedicated member is not? Because I live on a ranch in southern Missouri, I have been a little creative in my fund-raising endeavors these past three years: I've been raising and showing black angus steers to auction at the county fair each summer.

Jackie Krasuski and her prize steer.
I involved myself in the local 4-H club when I was in ninth grade, in 2000, and one of the highlights of the club was to raise show steers. It was a profiting market and great experience for a future veterinarian. I bought my first show steer (I named him Moo 42) late in the year and fed him, groomed him, and taught him to lead. I learned a lot about responsibility and caring for cattle that year. Together we earned 16th place in the large show field, and he brought in a decent price when I sold him to Richards Brothers' Farm Store in Mountain View. That check was my first deposit into my drum corps savings account. In the next two years, I raised two more steers. Each time I became more experienced, my steer learned better manners and we won higher places in the show. My final year I showed my steer See-Oh-Double-You (informally called "Big Brother") and he brought over $1,000, my final deposit, which was plenty of money for drum corps. In November of 2003 I auditioned for the Memphis Sound color guard and saved $100 on the price by paying my fees in full in January of 2004. I love to raise steers and it has been an exciting experience. I turned my angus steer into a big money cash cow. I only wish I could continue, but the summer shows conflict with the tour schedule. I am honored to be a member of Memphis Sound.