DCI..org's famed "Cat 5 crew" (editor's note: "Cat 5" stands for category 5 Internet cable) will be out in full force in Allentown this weekend and in Orlando next week, where our wall-to-wall coverage will rival that of the Associated Press covering a presidential election. Look for videos, MP3s and photos throughout each day, from the crack of dawn (where we'll be compiling a brief "Good Morning DCI" video clip every morning) to the wee hours of each day's finale. Tune in early and tune in often. Looking for EVEN MORE drum corps action from sunny Orlando next week? The Blue Devils are going to feature daily updates and features as well, which will be a perfect complement to our exhaustive coverage. Elsewhere, Jeff Fiedler, director of the Cavaliers, has been keeping an "On the Road Again" journal which he'll update all finals week, and the Phantom Regiment's Mike Miceli has been keeping a daily journal as well. The Cadets have a squad of eight people taking notes for journal entries which they'll keep up all of World Championships week, and the Crossmen have a team of seven doing the same.