Tonight in Murfreesboro the Cavaliers turned in their best show of the year thus far, according to corps director Jeff Fiedler, scoring a 93.625 to top the Cadets score of 93.550. "This was our best show of the year. They were very focused in their performance, they had a lot of enthusiasm, they did the job they needed to do," Fiedler said. Specifically, "The Great Fire of 1871" section of the "My Kind of Town" show resonated tonight. "I just thought that here were some things that we haven't seen them do, other than at rehearsal, that came across on the field tonight." One particular horn part this evening created an interesting effect, according to Fiedler. "The mellophone section sounded like a bunch of French horns in the back of the field, which is exactly what we're going for -- the way it reflected off the wall, it was pretty tremendous." Tomorrow for the Cavaliers in Indianapolis will be a simple, four-fold formula. "We eat, we sleep, we rehearse, and we perform," Fiedler said. Although the Cavaliers won't add anything new to their show in the short 24 hours until Indianapolis, they will add some surprises in the coming week. "We have things to do this week," Fiedler said.