The undefeated Cavaliers continued their winning ways this evening in San Antonio, Texas, scoring a decisive 92.45 at the Southwestern Championships. The Rosemont, Ill., corps has not been beaten on the field since Aug. 1, 2001 in Rome, N.Y., when the Blue Devils edged them out by half a point Tonight they were only beaten in one caption – percussion performance, which they lost by a mere one-tenth of a point to the Cadets. "We always enjoy coming to the San Antonio and the Alamodome. The guys did an incredible job," said Cavaliers corps director Jeff Fiedler. "We worked through the weekend and this was the culmination of that work," Fiedler saidThe Cavaliers' show, "Frameworks," is made up entirely of original music, and the drill draws on influences as esoteric as the 1999 movie "Fight Club." Richard Saucedo, the Cavaliers arranger, cites teamwork as being an integral portion of the show's design. "It's a total collaboration. With the Cavaliers, it's a total team effort."The Cadets came in second at the Alamodome tonight, scoring a 90.50, just ahead of the Blue Devils (90.35).