From a Cavaliers' press release: "Expect the unexpected" would be one way to caption the announcements of any of the recent programs designed for The Cavaliers, and this year the corps will head in yet another programming direction when they present "My Kind of Town" to audiences throughout America.

In their 57th summer of consecutive competition, the Cavaliers will draw upon their original Chicago roots to present a program featuring the multiple facets of what many have called "the greatest of American cities."

"We want to represent the exciting city of Chicago through sound and movement," said Scott Koter, program coordinator. "The show is not a historical perspective or timeline, but an attempt to depict identities most often associated with the city."

The corps' programming staff will review historical events, cultural aspects and geographic features when designing each portion of the show. "My Kind of Town" fits well into the Cavaliers' own description of how they approach each season trying to redefine what a drum corps can present on the football field.

The design team for the 2005 Cavaliers will remain virtually the same as it has been since 2001. Scott Koter heads up the programming end with Richard Saucedo (brass arranger), Michael Gaines (visual coordinator and drill designer), Andy Toth (color guard designer) and Erik Johnson (percussion arranger). Bret Kuhn (percussion arranger) will resume percussion caption head duties along with Jim Bailey, newly appointed associate caption head. David Bertman (brass), Sly Sybilski (visual) and Bruno Zuccala (color guard) continue to lead their respective disciplines.

Additional information about the program will be released in the coming months as the show is introduced to the 2005 corps. Find all of the latest on