The Cavaliers came away victorious in DeKalb tonight, scoring 80.10, edging
out the Cadets (78.70) and the Bluecoats (72.05). Cavaliers director Jeff Fiedler said all corps seem to be well-prepared at
this early juncture. "Is this a high score for this point in the season?
Yes. It's nice to achieve something like that in the first weekend of the
season, but it's relative to the competition, everyone seems to be very
well-prepared -- all of the drum corps are -- so it's legitimate that
everyone is getting some pretty good scores," Fiedler said. The Cavaliers will begin making widespread changes to the "007" show this
week. "A score doesn't change what we have to do on the rehearsal field, and
we have a lot of things we have to do. We have to start cleaning now-we've
just been maintaining up to this point," Fiedler said.