The Cavaliers of Rosemont, Ill., continued their 2002 early season success with a convincing victory tonight in Normal, Ill. The Cavaliers scored 82.4 overall, defeating their nearest opponents, the Glassmen of Toledo, Ohio, by more than six points. The Glassmen scored 76.25.The Phantom Regiment of Rockford/Loves Park, Ill., landed in third place with a score of 75.2. The Blue Coats scored 72.45, ahead of the Blue Knights (69.3), the Colts (68.15), Southwind(63.2), Pioneer (52.1) and the Troopers (47.15).With several strong outings in this still-early season, some drum corps fans have suggested that the Cavaliers could be in danger of peaking early. However, Cavaliers corps director Jeff Fiedler says that the corps is not worried about peaking early. "We're not worried about peaking early because I think people don't understand what needs to be done. We have lists and lists of things about each production that we need to add or change, or make better."Fiedler says the Cavaliers will continue to improve their 2002 show throughout the summer, even up until championship week in Madison, Wis. "One of the corps' goals is to max out a performance like we've never maxed it out before, and to go beyond where the Cavaliers have gone before and maybe help establish, along with other corps, new standards for the activity."Of the upcoming Cavalier show improvements, Fiedler said, "We have a good head start, but we have a lot to do. We have enough things that we have to fix and amend."Fiedler said Cavalier fans can still expect a lot of changes to the show, particularly in the opener.