The Cavaliers came out victorious here tonight, scoring 81.30, defeating the Cadets (78.40) and the Blue Devils (77.10) in this first contest that featured those three corps. Hometown favorites the Magic of Orlando (Division II), performing at their first major contest after a two-year hiatus, reveled in a loud ovation at the beginning of their program. They scored a 75.40. The crowd, estimated at more than 6,500 people, endured a full day of rain that eventually delayed the start of the show half an hour.The Blue Devils held a loud and raucous clinic for several thousand students earlier in the afternoon, during a heavy rain that forced the clinic under the cover of the Citrus Bowl stands.The Spirit scored 63.50, the Carolina Crown scored 62.55 and the Kiwanis Kavaliers scored 53.2. Teal Sound (Division III) scored 49.8. On Friday night in Dothan, Ala., the Cavaliers edged out the Blue Devils 78.45 to 76.20.