Performing in their biggest venue to date, the Cavaliers turned in an "amazing" performance tonight, according to drum major Chris Lugo. "We had an amazing performance. It was the first time we were in a stadium this big. The crowd dug the show. We put it on," said Lugo, a native of Middleburg, Fla.

Cavaliers drum major Chris Lugo.
The past week has been a productive one for the Cavaliers. "We've been having some great rehearsals, working on the fourth tune, and we couldn't ask anything more from the guys tonight," said Lugo, 21. "(The crowd was) very responsive. There were a lot of high school guys I could tell, and they dug the show. We're just having fun with it," Lugo said. The Cavaliers will work on the fourth movement of the show this week, and putting more changes into the show, according to Lugo.