The Cavaliers of Rosemont, Ill., won first place here in Indianapolis tonight, scoring 95.20, ahead of the Cadets (93.10) and the Blue Devils (93.00).Last night in Murfrfeesboro, Tenn., the defending world champion corps scored 94.85, winning that contest as well. Despite the recent wins, however, Cavalier corps director Jeff Fiedler says that the Cavaliers will continue to tweak and rehearse the show up until world championships in Madison, Wis., on Aug. 10"We have lists and lists and lists of improvements we need to make," Fiedler said. "We have much to do in the next two weeks," Fiedler said, indicating that the corps would work on cleaning and detailing their "Frameworks" program, which continues to impress judges and audiences alike."We're going to make each section stronger," Fiedler said.Cavalier pit orchestra member Francois Morin, 21, of Sherbrooke, Quebec, concurred with Fiedler. "We're going to work a lot on giving a finished product to the crowd," Morin said.Morin also agreed with other performers today who stated the difficulties in marching inside an acoustic-unfriendly dome. "People looked in at me in the center (of the field), so that things lined up," Morin said. "I know that trick from past experience."