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Celebrating Forzatos: Are a thousand pictures worth a million words?

Celebrating Forzatos: Are a thousand pictures worth a million words?

by Drum Corps International

This week, DCI.org celebrates the more than 1,000 editions of its popular "Forzato" photo-of-the-day submissions that have been posted on DCI.org since 2002. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words can describe the more than 1,000 photos that have been featured on the pages of DCI.org over the past five years? DCI.org's daily "Forzato" segment publishes drum corps-themed photos submitted by fans wishing to share their images with fellow corps enthusiasts around the world. This week we give special recognition to the "Forzato" feature, as we commemorate the achievement of the impressive milestone of 1,000 photographs posted on DCI.org since the feature's inception.
Started in the fall of 2002, "Forzato" — originally intended to be an occasional feature showcasing behind-the-scenes photographs from Drum Corps International events — has become a nearly seven-day-a-week feature on the front page of DCI.org. "We started Forzato when we realized there were a ton of great drum corps-related pictures in the DCI office that no one could see unless they came in for a visit," said Dave Wilson, Drum Corps International's first Web content manager. "We started posting pictures from our staff photographers and then DCI.org visitors just started sending their own pics to us. Originally, there were no plans for it to become a fan-submitted feature, but that's what happened." And the rest, as they say, is history! Today, Forzato is one of DCI.org's longest-running and most popular features, and submissions are as diverse as are the millions of drum corps fans around the world who log on regularly to view them. DCI.org has received Forzato submissions from as far away as Japan and the Netherlands, with content ranging from a photo essay depicting a new fan's first drum corps experience to a photograph of gingerbread men iced with replica corps uniforms. Drum corps fans can submit their pictures all-year-round by e-mail at forzato@dci.org. Those sending photos should include their name and a background description about the photograph. Well-composed, clear photos of interesting subjects are given priority in the selection process by the DCI.org staff. "We're always looking for new submissions; not only those that are great photos, but those which help to illustrate an interesting story about the drum corps experience," says Chris Weber, Drum Corps International Communications Manager. And some fans may wonder, where does the name "Forzato" come from as related to a photo-of-the-day feature? "Back in the early days of DCI.org, we tried to name all of the regular features based on music terminology," says Wilson. "So although there wasn't really a true tie to the music dictionary definition of "forzato" for this project, I am very happy that five years later, this remains a popular feature on DCI.org. I'm proud of its legacy and hope people continue to send in their photographs." Check out the 10 most-viewed "Forzato" submissions of all-time. View the entire "Forzato" archive.

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