Despite the threat of scattered showers, new and long-time drum corps fans flooded Illinois State University's Hancock Stadium for the DCI Central Illinois SUMMER MUSIC GAMES. Produced in cooperation with the Bands of America's Summer Symposium and Drum Corps Midwest, the DCI Central Illinois SUMMER MUSIC GAMES have become a popular early season show for drum corps fans from as far away as Wisconsin and Indiana. It also helped to have a built in audience of more than 1600 band students in Bloomington for the BOA camp.

Glassmen - Toledo, OHThe BOA students were definitely ready for drum corps and the Glassmen had the crowd rocking before they'd even played a note.

The second tune's simple melody created a dreamlike atmosphere. With its slight edginess the third tune provided a nice contrast to the earlier "dreamlike` sequence. It's rare but tonight the first corps to perform was also the last to leave the field as the Glassmen got to perform an encore after taking home the Gold medal this evening with a score of 73.50

Madison Scouts - Madison, WIBroadway may be having a BLAST!, but Hancock Stadium had its own explosion of sound as the Madison Scouts took the field. From the screaming soloists to the swinging hornline, the Scouts had the joint hopping to the sound of Stereophonic Suite for Two Bands, an album recorded by the combined Les Brown and Vic Schoen Orchestras in the late 50's.

Moments of in your face percussion and flying cymbals were among the highlights of the Ballet in Brass closer. The program brought the Scouts a sixth place finish and a score of 66.95.

Southwind - Lexington, KYPicking up where they left off at the end of last season Southwind lit up the field with their bright yellow jackets. Performing a program designed to launch the Lexington based corps into the new millennium. Their performance tonight netted them a 59.90 good enough for 7th place.

Pioneer - Milwaukee, WIPioneer built on its traditional Irish theme with a program based on the role of the Irish in the American Civil War. From the battlefields of Gettysburg echoes of the haunting strains of Minstrel Boy, a traditional Irish melody often heard from the camps of troops on both sides of the war. The program wraps up with the familiar melody of America, A nice performance, solid enough for 8th place and a score of 50.10.

Boston Crusaders - Boston, MALoud is one way to describe the Boston Crusaders. Intensity would also apply. Both however contrast nicely with the lush flowing melodic line of the corps ballad. Punctuated throughout with snippets of the corps signature tune Conquest, the Crusaders have again found a way to tie its past into the present and if tonight's performance was any indication a very bright future. The Crusaders came up just short of the Glassmen, taking home the Silver medal with a score of 73.25.

Colts - Dubuque IAThe Colts are off to a great start on 2001. Playing a program based on the musical themes of the middle ages, the Colts' Non Nobis Domine from the soundtrack of the film Henry V is the type of melody that drum corps legends are made of. This excellent early season performance for the Colts helped edge out the Scouts by a mere .25 for fifth place and a 67.20 score.

Troopers - Casper, WYPlaying off of their American Heritage with a program based on the themes of Aaron Copeland was uniquely the Troopers. Entitled "Tribute to an Uncommon Man" not only pays tribute to Copeland, but to Troopers founder Jim Jones. Tonight it was brought the Troopers a 9th place finish and a score of 47.90.

Phantom Regiment - Rockford/Loves Park, ILThis was definitely a Phantom friendly crowd. Sporting a minor uniform change, (the red cross sashes have been replaced by a more traditional regiment black) this was a good night for Phantom, a definite crowd favorite.

While the snappy hip work from the middle and upper brass got a quick response from the crowd, it was the swirling drill at the end of the opener that helped whip them into a frenzy. But that was nothing compared to the final moments of Shostakovich's "Festive Overture". This is a solid colorful program that should serve fans and the Regiment well this summer.

Their bronze medal performance this evening netted them a solid score of 73..00, only .5 behind eventual winners the Glassmen and within .25 of the silver medallist Boston Crusaders

Bluecoats - Canton, OHWhile an uneducated spectator might have thought the crowd had turned ugly, drum corps insiders new that this was just the fans way of saying hello by Blooing the Bluecoats. The Canton corps did not disappoint their loyal fans and most likely picked up some new followers. The Latin flavor of the program ranged from explosive to sensual to passionate as was good enough for the Bluecoats to snag 4th place with a score of 69.50.

All around it was a great evening of drum corps. The BOA students showed their appreciation continuously throughout the evening and it's pretty good guess to say that there are more than a few of them that will go to bed tonight with dreams of one day marching in a drum corps like the ones they saw tonight. It's probably an even safer bet that many of those same students will be out there on that field next summer with the corps of their dreams.