In February 2001 the DCI Board of Directors voted to recognize a Division I World Champion on Friday evening of World Championships, thus opening the door for the formation of a new division. While two-thirds of the members supported this action there has been concern raised since the meeting when the details of implementation became clearer. More consideration is needed than just changing the format for the 2001 Championships.

At the May DCI executive committee meeting, the concerns of directors, fans, and corps members regarding the championship format change, announced on the DCI web site, were discussed at great length. It was discussed that the depth of the addition of a new division goes well beyond recognizing a champion. The intent of the addition of the new division is to create an environment for growth for corps, as well as enhance the performers experience. The executive committee recognized that the step of changing the championship format without consideration of the many steps necessary to develop the new division fully might be more of a negative than a positive. Jeff Fiedler, DCI board chairman, stated, "The concept of establishing a new division is a significant move on the part of DCI. We simply need to make sure we have done all that we can to set this move up for success before taking the next step." The executive committee has asked the board of directors to reconsider their February vote. The board voted to support the executive committee's decision to rescind the vote and will reconsider the matter of the formation of a new division at their January 2002 annual board meeting.

While this has caused a bit of confusion among corps members and fans, it is important to note that the input received to date from the many corps members and fans responding to our web site release, both positive and negative, was very helpful in facilitating the result of this decision. The most important aspect of the decision making process for the DCI leadership is that it is always guided by what the collective believes is in the best interest of all participating.

The Spring 2001 DCI Today publication includes an article explaining the championships format change. Unfortunately the DCI executive committee's decision came after the DCI Today was printed. DCI apologizes for the further confusion this may cause.

DCI would like to thank the many fans and corps members who responded and thank you for your patience with DCI as we try to take the best possible steps towards the growth and stability of this great activity. We'll see you at DCI World Championships Semifinals on Friday, August 10, 2001 featuring the top 17 corps advancing from Quarterfinals.