Matt from Massachusetts, who marched with the Spartans and played mellophone in 2002 and 2003, is a senior at David Prouty High School. He submitted this shot. "This is a picture of my friends (Rob and Courtney) and me (I'm in the middle) taken in front of the castle in Magic Kingdom last February. We were there as part of Magic Music Days, performing in both a concert on the Tomorrowland stage and in one of the parades in the park. "Rob and I have both marched with the Spartans Nashua, N.H. Rob has marched for three years and I have marched for two. "Courtney plays French horn in concert band, trumpet in jazz band and mellophone in marching band. She is a junior. Rob is in his first year of college. Rob plays the trumpet in concert band, jazz band and marching band, and he plays mellophone in the Spartans. He was also our drum major for marching band, except on this Disney trip, when he played trumpet because two members of the trumpet section couldn't go. "I play trumpet in concert band, jazz band and marching band and I play mellophone in the Spartans. I am the drum major for our marching band this year. Trumpets are the best. Yea Pat and Tim! Go Fighting Squirrels!" Thanks Matt! If you marched in a DCI corps in 2003 and now you're in a college or a high school marching band, we want to hear from you! Send us a picture ( of you and your buds, along with some other anecdotal information about your marching experiences, and we'll post it on!