"My name is Austin Williams. I was the timpanist for Southwind in 2001 and the timpanist for the Glassmen from 2002-2003. My brother, Ben, was the section leader for the bass line for Eklipse in 2003. We both are in the drum line at the University of Tennessee.

"This is my third year as snare section leader and as captain of the drum line. Last year we played a halftime show with the Charlie Daniels Band as a guest artist. It was just about the most amazing thing I've ever done. The band was so fun to perform with, and all 108,000 fans in our stadium went nuts.

"This is a pic of (from left to right) Jeremiah (our bass drum section leader), Pat McDonald (the drummer for the Charlie Daniels Band), me and Ben."

If you marched in a DCI corps in 2003 and now you're in a college or a high school marching band, we want to hear from you!

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