Picture submitted by Terri Ives:

After years of providing food service on the road from a box truck, the Jersey Surf kitchen staff members had the surprise of their lives when a brand new (to us!) food truck rolled up to our practice site a few weeks ago.

Director Bob Jacobs conducted a furtive after-midnight truck painting to adorn the tractor trailer with the Surf logo just hours before the presentation. Several kitchen staffers now proudly sport Surf-blue paint stains on their clothing. We've had so much fun with our new "toy" that we decided to celebrate with "Christmas in July" after 7th Regiment's show in New London, Conn. We decorated the food truck with lights, garland, horn and drum ornaments and a "Surf" Christmas tree, and served the corps a Christmas feast. Pictured in our early Christmas present are (from left to right) Naomi Piatek, Terri Ives, Bill Ives, Tom Piatek and Bev Vallies.

Thanks Terri!