From a Carolina Crown press release: Carolina Crown has appointed William Chumley to be guard caption supervisor as part of the corps' 2006 teaching faculty. As the guard caption supervisor, Chumley will be joining the returning veteran staff of Rosie Miller, Michael Townsend, Jennifer House and Mathew Follo. In managing the caption, Chumley commits to facilitating and optimizing the creative process and the collaborative writing of the program. His core philosophy to promote a safe and powerful culture in which team members can experience technical excellence, a deep connection to each other, achievement of personal and corps goals, and the total joy of performing fits right in with the mission of the organization. With an experience of being a marching member, instructor, consultant, judge, and color guard director, William Chumley has committed over 25 years to the pageantry arts. His various roles have included: Serving on the board of directors for the Rocky Mountain Color Guard Association for 20 years; judging worldwide for Drum Corps United Kingdom, Drum Corps Japan, Color Guard Netherlands, Winter Guard International, Bands of America and Drum Corps International for 15 years; and training, mentoring, and scheduling judges as president of the Rocky Mountain Judges' Association for the past 10 years. Chumley also created Oracle Winter Guard, a nonprofit arts organization where its members are equipped to be ambassadors of excellence in behavior, performance and achievement. As director of Oracle, currently in its ninth season, Chumley integrates his master's degree in business administration and 18 years of experience in business and management with his passion for the color guard activity to cultivate a confident team of skilled individuals. Chumley creates an environment that supports proficiency of the guard members both as performers and as successful humans. Oracle's achievements include: 2002 WGI Open Class World Champion; three-time WGI Independent World Class finalist, finishing in ninth place in 2003, sixth place in 2004, and fourth place in 2005. For more information on the Crown faculty please visit