Gino Cipriani, who most recently served with the Santa Clara Vanguard and the Magic of Orlando, will be returning to the Cadets in 2005 as the brass caption supervisor. "(Cipriani) was with the Cadets in 2000 and 2001, leading a surge in the overall brass performance that continues to this day. His enthusiasm, his ability to relate to young people, and his commitment to excellence are all characteristics that make him a perfect fit with the Cadets," according to the Web site. Cipriani said, "This is where I plan to end my drum corps career. My first experience here was nothing but wonderful and I expect nothing but the best this time. Great management, a great teaching team, and some great kids make this the place for me. I enjoyed the members and the staff at SCV, I just feel that perhaps the Cadets are a better match for my ability and style." George Hopkins, director of the Cadets, said, "Gino's return is the best thing that can happen to the Cadets, all things considered. We hated to see Dean (Westman, who retired earlier this week) depart, but Gino is a joy to work with and watch." Read more.