Youth Education in the Arts is proud to announce that Jim Coates will return as the Director of the Crossmen, beginning October 3, 2001.After a two year hiatus from the corps, from YEA! and for the most part, from drum corps in general, Jim is back with the drum corps where he has indeed been a critical component of the corps' success.According to George Hopkins, director of Youth Education in the Arts, "Jim and I have spoken of this possibility for some time now. My intention in re-hiring Jim is to give the Crossmen ever opportunity to grow into a fabulous performing unit that will be here in the world for many, many years to come. Speaking personally, I love my involvement in the corps and it is a pleasure to be allowed to participate, but --- as of today, Jim will be granted the powers of leadership necessary to grow, affect, and nurture the membership, staff and volunteers of the corps."Mr. Coates was the director of the Crossmen from 1995-1999, and was a key player in the transition of the Crossmen to Youth Education in the Arts. Jim also worked for YEA! as the financial manager for two years, and has over recent time been involved as a volunteer. Jim also was a staff member of the Crossmen throughout the late 70's and 80's; indeed, his history with the corps is perhaps of a longer length than any single individual.The administration that will be coordinating the efforts of the Crossmen will remain alongside Jim. Christine Higgins, the director of drum corps operations for YEA! will be working from the offices in Bergenfield, Deb Rogerson will be handling the tour as last season, and Bob Fields will be managing the camp weekends. Jim's position is part-time, but with a coordinated effort of all, and the support of a great staff, the expectation is that the Crossmen will continue the climb to success that has been underway over the past years.The Crossmen instructional staff is back ready to go, program discussions are underway, and the first rehearsals are scheduled for November 16-18 and a director is in place, for 2002, and hopefully for years to come.For more information about the Crossmen, go to