From a Santa Clara Vanguard press release: The Santa Clara Vanguard design team and caption heads have been hard at work brainstorming for the 2005 production. The Vanguard is coming off a successful season in which the corps and staff are looking to continue with the momentum from this past summer into the 2005 season. Staff meetings will be easier to coordinate having added a few more members to the team from the West Coast. Mike Collins has been promoted from his position on the brass staff last year and will now be the brass caption head. Collins will take over where the horn line left off last year, and will also be able to bring his musical background to solidify the students' learning and performance experience. Collins is currently a band director in Southern California. Also added to the team from the West Coast is Vanguard's new guard designer and caption head David Meikle. Dave, an alumnus of the Vanguard color guard, brings renewed enthusiasm and excitement to this year's guard staff and design team. He brings a wealth of experience from his years teaching drum corps and WGI groups. Read more.