From a Colts press release: Exploring the concepts of time and motion, the Colts move toward a more contemporary sound and look in 2006, using musical literature that will include "Windsprints" by Richard Saucedo, "Noisy Wheels of Joy" by Eric Whitacre, "As Time Goes By" from the cinema classic "Casablanca" and Samuel Hazo's "Ride." The 2006 Colts design team includes Jude Boughton (program coordinator), Chris Tomsa (brass arranger), Nick Angelis (percussion arranger and caption head), Andrew Schnieder (front ensemble arranger), Chad Dempsey (visual designer) and Carla Burgess-Tomsa (color guard caption head, designer and staff coordinator.) For details on how to audition for the Colts and more exciting information about the 2006 season, please visit