David Hartig, Elizabeth Theobald,
Jenny Acheson and Mariela Alvarez
Following their performance in Atlanta, Ga. on Saturday, July 14, Colts' color guard soloists David Hartig, 20; Elizabeth Theobald, 21; Jenny Acheson, 21, and Mariela Alvarez, 20, talked with DCI.org's Christina Mavroudis about the color guard and role they play in their 2007 show, "Equinox". "The guard is amazing this year," said Theobald. "We've improved so much since we've started, and I can't wait to see where we're at at finals." This is Hartig's third year with the Colts, Theobald's seventh, and Acheson and Alvarez's fourth. Listen to the audio interview. (MP3, 3.2MB)