In this interview, 19-year-old cymbalist Chris Tanner of the Colts discusses the corps' 2006 program "Continuum" and how the cymbal line is incorporated into the program's Latin-infused drum solo. Tanner also remembers last year's Colts gold medal-winning Individual & Ensemble cymbal line, and looks forward to that small ensemble's return to competition at the 2006 Individual & Ensemble competition on Wednesday, Aug. 9, in Madison, Wis. 

Chris Tanner (second from left) and members of the Colts cymbal line.
This interview was taken following the Colts' performance at the 2006 DCI Indianapolis event in Indianapolis, Ind., on July 8. More interviews like this are available exclusively to members of the DCI Season Pass. Learn more about becoming a member of the DCI Season Pass.