From a Colts press release: In addition to the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps, the Colts organization works to provide meaningful and significant youth programs and support for the local Dubuque, Iowa community. The Colt Cadets, Colts Youth Choirs and Colts Summer Band are just a few of the extensive programs the organization runs throughout the year in addition to its Division I drum corps. "Our entire organization is committed to our responsibility to give back to the community that makes our program possible. While many of our competitors put all of their resources into just one competitive program for 135 members, ages 16-21, we support many other programs as well, and provide the Colts experience to over 350 young people," said Colts Executive Director Greg Orwoll.   

A Colts volunteer helps wrap a gift as part of the organization's
Colts For Kids program.
This winter, the Colts raised money for a new program, "Colts For Kids." As part of this offering, 40 underprivileged kids (grades K-6) from the downtown area were selected anonymously by their teachers and invited to come with Colts representatives Dec. 20, for Christmas shopping for themselves and their families. Read more on