For the first time, the Colts' 2004 color guard may contain male members. "This decision is based on response to considerable interest expressed by prospective members, interest expressed by current members of the Colts who wish to perform in a color guard, and an assessment of our programming plans for the future," said Greg Orwoll, director of the Colts. Orwoll said the decision to allow males in the guard was made to encourage more males to participate in hometown color guards close to the Colts' home base, which would naturally cultivate a talent base that would hopefully gravitate to the Colts. "Rather than simply react to what is happening in color guards in our area, our hope with this decision is that we will be proactive in encouraging more males to become involved in their hometown color guards in our area and be drawn to our program in the process," Orwoll said. Because of the Colts' relatively small guard last summer, and the fact that the Colts will add six to 10 more members to its color guard next season, no returning female members will be cut. "We will have no quota on males-to-females balance," Orwoll said.