The Colts organization was the recipient of a $25,000 grant from the Dubuque (Iowa) Racing Association, which runs the Dubuque Greyhound Park & Casino. The Colts, who will use the money to purchase new uniforms and percussion instruments for the Colt Cadets, additional brass instruments for all Colts groups, improvements to the corps' kitchen truck and a long-range wireless speaker system, have been the recipients of more than $132,000 in similar grants from the Dubuque Racing Association since 1987. "It's motivating for us to now that local leaders perceive us to be that valuable to the community," said Colts director Greg Orwoll. In Iowa, 25 percent of a gambling organization's profits need to be delegated to non-profit organizations, which must use the profits for capital expenses (things like buses and instruments in the case of the Colts) and not operations expenses (salaries). "They fund things that go directly into the kids' hands," Orwoll said. The Dubuque Racing Association's grants were awarded through a competitive grant process that began with 700 applications being received in February, and the 413 grant announcements were made public in May.