Still on the fence about auditioning for a corps? Why not head out to Iowa to check out the Colts? Here's a press release from them: The Colts will begin their 2004 season with the first audition and rehearsal this weekend, December 19-21, at Washington Junior High School in Dubuque, Iowa, beginning at 9 p.m. Friday evening. 19 hours of rehearsal and audition time is scheduled. Approximately 1,900 membership inquiries have been received, and a record 285 people are registered to attend, including 102 brass players, 55 color guard members and 122 percussionists. Attending will be young people from Canada, Taiwan and England and 19 states, including Alabama (1), Arizona (3), Arkansas (1), Illinois (37), Indiana (13), Iowa (92), Kansas (16), Kentucky (3), Michigan (9), Minnesota (23), Missouri (24), Nebraska (15), Ohio (3), Oklahoma (5), Pennsylvania (2), South Dakota (5), Tennessee (9), Texas (10) and Wisconsin (11). There are 135 positions available -- 64 brass, 32 color guard, 37 percussion and two conductors. Any young person aged 15 to 21 with experience in brass, percussion or color guard is invited to attend to try out for a position with the Colts. The weekend concludes with a performance on Sunday at 2 p.m. in the main gym. A showcase of what was learned during the weekend will be presented and all in attendance will perform. In addition, nearly a dozen other overseas prospective members are auditioning via videotape and more than 30 young people are unable to audition in December but plan to do so in January. The Colts hold a rehearsal and audition one weekend per month December through May, in preparation for the summer competitive season. The Colts will travel 65 days to 20 states, covering over 12,000 miles. 44 performances are scheduled for audiences that will number nearly 200,000. For more information. call the Colts at 563-582-4872 or at