Following closely on the heels of an audition camp this past weekend, the Santa Clara Vanguard Tournament of Roses Parade Corps will be participating in the biggest parade around -- the Pasadena Tournament or Roses Parade. The TOR corps, as it has been called, is made up of members from the Vanguard, Vanguard Cadets and Vanguard alumni. Preparation for this parade has been taking place for months and will culminate with two performances while in Pasadena: Bandfest on Tuesday (Dec. 30) and the parade on Thursday (Jan. 1). The TOR corps will be rehearsing at the SCV Hall on Dec. 29 and then will be hitting the road. The last time the SCV fleet was on the road in December was back in 1989, when SCV took part in the DCI all-star corps for the Fiesta Bowl parade in Phoenix.
The corps will be in Pasadena, Calif., at Blair High School between Tuesday and the parade on Thursday. After the parade, the corps will be checking to a hotel in Buena Park, Calif., to have a celebration dinner (a portion of the night will be dedicated to the Vanguard 2003 banquet and awards). For those watching from home, make sure to watch for the Vanguard on the Home & Garden channel, which shows the entire parade without commercial interruptions. The Vanguard is the 24th unit in the parade and is the musical unit ahead of the parade grand marshall, composer John Williams. To get the maximum viewing time of the combined Santa Clara corps, viewers should follow these stations in this order (when one station ends its Vanguard coverage, the other picks it up almost immediately): HGTV, CBS, KTLA, KMEX, Telemundo, ABC and NBC. In total, viewers following this viewing schedule will enjoy "Six minutes of coverage," said Rick Valenzuela, director of the Santa Clara Vanguard.