High Scores

World Class: Blue Devils (75.15), June 21, Sacramento, CA

Open Class:
Vanguard Cadets (57.60), June 20, Stanford, CA

High Caption Scores

World Class:
Brass: Blue Devils (15.40), June 21, Sacramento, CA
Percussion: The Cadets (15.20), June 21, Lisle, IL
Color Guard: Carolina Crown (15.1), June 20, Akron, OH

Open Class:
Brass: Blue Devils B (12.0), June 20, Stanford, CA
Percussion: Vanguard Cadets (11.9), June 21, Sacramento, CA
Color Guard: Vanguard Cadets (10.6), June 20, Stanford, CA

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Storylines to Watch


Slow starts in Indianapolis: Fans in Indianapolis are probably accustomed to seeing higher scores at Lucas Oil Stadium. The perennial World Championship venue played host last Wednesday to the season premiere for the first time ever. Compared to last year, scores were trending lower. Every corps in Indianapolis scored at least two points below their season debut the previous year. The Madison Scouts (-4.70) and Bluecoats (-4.55) saw the biggest decline in their opening night scores, while the Cadets (-2.25) were affected the least.

California drought: The first scores for Pacific corps also trended lower when comparing opening night 2014 to 2015. Blue Devils (-1.00), Phantom Regiment (-1.35), Pacific Crest (-1.25) and Mandarins (-2.15) all scored lower, while Santa Clara Vanguard (+0.45) and Blue Knights (+0.45) were the only two World Class corps to earn higher scores.

A winning tradition: 2015 marked another first-performance-win for the Cadets. With a score of 69.85, the corps finished first at the DCI Tour Premiere in Indianapolis on Wednesday, June 17. This was the fourth season in a row that the Cadets have won their first competition of the season.

Crossmen set flight path over New England: At the Cavalcade of Brass event in Lisle, Illinois, on June 21, the Crossmen edged the Boston Crusaders by a tenth of a point. The last time the Crossmen finished ahead of Boston was more than a decade ago on July 11, 2003, in DeKalb, Illinois.

Hometown heroes: After back-to-back wins by the Cadets in Indianapolis and Louisville, the Bluecoats took a tenth of a point lead over the Allentown corps while notching a win in front of a hometown crowd in Akron, Ohio, on June 20. Just 24 hours later, however, the Bluecoats once again trailed, finishing nine-tenths of a point behind the Cadets in Lisle, Illinois.

Grasping for the Open Class gold: Blue Devils B and the Vanguard Cadets are once again flip flopping placements early on this year. Blue Devils B won in Fresno on June 19, Vanguard Cadets won June 20 in Stanford, and Blue Devils B was back on top on June 21 in Sacramento. The largest margin of victory so far has only been eighth-tenths of a point. Blue Devils B narrowly won the 2014 Open Class World Championship title over the Vanguard Cadets last August by less than a point.

Stepping up to the plate: As the 2015 Drum Corps International Tour marches into its first full week of competition, corps that will be making their first performances of the season include: Pioneer (June 23, O'Fallon, IL),  Racine Scouts (June 24, Evansville, IN), The Academy (June 26, Oceanside, CA), Impulse (June 26, Oceanside, CA), Gold (June 26, Oceanside, CA), Watchmen (June 26, Oceanside, CA), Incognito (June 26, Oceanside, CA), Genesis (June 27, Michigan City, IN), Govenaires (June 28, Rochester, MN), River City Rhythm (June 28, Rochester, MN).

Upcoming Events

Madison Scouts
Madison Scouts

Monday, June 23
Santa Clara, CA
Hamilton, OH

Tuesday, June 23
O'Fallon, IL

Wednesday, June 24
Evansville, IN
Pittsburgh, PA

Friday, June 26
Oceanside, CA
Muncie, IN

Saturday, June 27
Pasadena, CA
Michigna City, IN
Madison, WI

Sunday, June 28
Bowling Green, OH
Rochester, MN
Riverside, CA

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