The 2014 Drum Corps International Tour Monday, June 23 through Sunday, June 29

The Blue Devils had the highest scoring color guard over the last week of competition.
High Scores World Class: The Cadets (82.20), June 29, Lawrence, MA Open Class: Spartans (61.90), June 29, Lawrence, MA High Caption Scores World Class: Brass: Blue Devils (16.3), June 29, Riverside, CA Percussion: Santa Clara Vanguard (16.2), June 29, Riverside, CA Color Guard: Blue Devils (16.2), June 29, Riverside, CA Open Class: Brass: Gold (11.2), June 29, Riverside, CA Percussion: Gold (10.9), June 29, Riverside, CA Color Guard: Gold (11.7), June 28, Glendora, CA View all scores and recaps. Storylines to Watch

Carolina Crown was one of four corps to pass 80 points this past week on the DCI Tour.
Crazy eighties: Four corps reached the 80-point milestone over the weekend. The Cadets (82.20), Carolina Crown (81.80) and Bluecoats (80.20) passed the mark on June 29 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, with the Blue Devils (82.00) also following suit on June 29 in Riverside, California. Carolina Crown was the first corps to pass 80 points last summer, doing so on June 28, 2013. Crazy eighties continued: The Bluecoats' 80.20-point finish on Sunday is almost two weeks earlier than the corps passed 80 points in 2013. It is the first time since 2010 that the corps has reached 80 points in the month of June. Even more crazy eighties: 2010 was the last year four corps reached 80 points in the month of June. The corps were the same that year as they are in 2014, the Blue Devils (eventually took 1st place overall in 2010), Bluecoats (3rd place), Carolina Crown (4th place) and Cadets (5th place). Still crazy after all these years: In the last 25 years, only once did more than four corps pass 80 points in the month of June. That happened in 2007 when seven corps reached the mark by June 30. The Santa Clara Vanguard (79.30), Cavaliers (78.00) and Phantom Regiment (77.60) appear to be the next corps within reach of 80 points in 2014.

Phantom Regiment lost to the Cavaliers for the first time since 2011 on Saturday.
I-90 rivalry: After Phantom Regiment won the first four matchups of the season, the Cavaliers passed its fellow Illinois rival on June 28 in Madison, Wisconsin by 0.75 points. It hasn't been since the 2011 DCI World Championship that the Green Machine has finished ahead. Pecking away: The Cadets have won all four matchups so far this summer against Carolina Crown. Carolina Crown, however, has been pecking away at the margin of defeat. The two corps were separated by 1.3 points on June 18 in Indianapolis, 1.1 points on June 21 in Akron, 0.70 points on June 22 in Bowling Green and just 0.40 points on June 29 in Lawrence. The two corps will face off again on Wednesday in New Haven, Connecticut. Back and forth and back again: The Academy and Pacific Crest have been back and forth over several events in California. The Academy bested Pacific Crest on June 27 in Oceanside 63.35 to 62.85. Pacific Crest took the lead a day later in Glendora 63.70 to 63.55. And just a day after that on June 29 in Riverside, Academy took the lead again 63.75 to 62.90. Sacramento surge: The Mandarins have finished behind Pacific Crest and the Academy all summer long, however the Sacramento corps leapfrogged both of them on June 29 in Riverside, finishing two tenths of a point ahead of the Academy and more than a point ahead of Pacific Crest. This is the first time Mandarins has finished ahead of Pacific Crest since June of 2011. Simulated Top 12: Based on averaging total scores over the last week, the top 12 corps at the World Championship Finals would potentially be: 1. Blue Devils 2. The Cadets 3. Carolina Crown 4. Bluecoats 5. Santa Clara Vanguard 6. Phantom Regiment 7. The Cavaliers 8. Madison Scouts 9. Boston Crusaders 10. Blue Knights 11. Blue Stars 12. Troopers Crossmen, Spirit of Atlanta and the Academy were the next three highest average scores of the week. Stepping up to the plate: As the 2014 Drum Corps International Tour marches into its second full week of competition, corps that will be making their first performances of the season include: Jersey Surf (July 1, Overland Park, KS), Oregon Crusaders (July 2, Medford, OR), Genesis (July 3, Cedarburg, WI), Columbians (July 3, McMinnville, OR), Eruption (July 3, McMinnville, OR), Cascades (July 3, McMinnville, OR). Upcoming Events

Pioneer has four competitions scheduled over the next week in Wisconsin and Illinois.
Monday, June 30 Mankato, MN Tuesday, July 1 Overland Park, KS Santa Clara, CA Wednesday, July 2 Medford, OR Waukee, IA New Haven, CT Thursday, July 3 McMinnville, OR Cedarburg, WI Bristol, RI Saturday, July 5 Sacramento, CA Michigan City, IN Renton, WA Lynn, MA Whitewater, WI Sunday, July 6 Lisle, IL Dixon, IL Chester, PA Tri Cities, WA Pleasant Hill, CA
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