The 2014 Drum Corps International Tour Monday, July 21 through Sunday, July 27

Santa Clara Vanguard's percussion section continues to out-score the competition.
High Scores World Class: Blue Devils (95.250), July 27, Charlotte, NC Open Class: Blue Devils B (75.050), July 27, Greendale, WI High Caption Scores World Class: Brass: Carolina Crown (18.7), July 26, Atlanta, GA Percussion: Santa Clara Vanguard (18.9), July 27, Charlotte, NC Color Guard: Blue Devils (19.2), July 26, Atlanta, GA Open Class: Brass: Blue Devils B (15.0), July 27, Greendale, WI Percussion: Vanguard Cadets (14.3), July 26, Paw Paw, MI Color Guard: Spartans (15.4), July 27, Greendale, WI View all scores and recaps. Storylines to Watch

The Cavaliers improved their score by 2.85 points overnight between shows in Nashville and Atlanta.
They Love the 90s: Three additional corps scored above 90 points since the Blue Devils and Cadets first did so on July 18 and 19 respectively. Bluecoats (90.900) and Carolina Crown (90.500) passed the mark on July 21 in Dallas, while Santa Clara Vanguard (90.600) followed suit on July 22 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Close But No Cigar: The Cavaliers managed to add 2.85 points to their score in one day between July 25 in Nashville and July 26 in Atlanta, just missing 90 points with a score of 89.650 at the DCI Southeastern Championship. The members of the Green Machine came close again on July 27 in Charlotte, but still found themselves a quarter of a point away from cracking 90. Scheherazade vs. the Moon Men the Sequel: Santa Clara Vanguard managed to edge three tenths of a point ahead of Carolina Crown both on July 19 in San Antonio and nearly a week later on July 25 in Nashville. At the Georgia Dome on Saturday, however, Carolina Crown scored 0.825 ahead of the California corps, and more than a half a point ahead the next day in Charlotte. The two corps will face each other next on July 31 in Piscataway, New Jersey. First Time in More than a Decade: Blue Knights passed Phantom Regiment for the first time in 14 years on Saturday, July 26 in Atlanta. Previous to that date, it hadn't been since the 2000 DCI World Championship Finals that BK outscored the Regiment. The two corps will face each other only two more times this summer (Aug. 1 in Allentown, Pennsylvania and Aug. 3 in Pittsburgh) before competing at the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis.

The Academy passed Oregon Crusaders for the first time this summer on Saturday in Atlanta.
Pacific Rivalry: July 26 in Atlanta was the first time this summer that the Academy finished ahead of Oregon Crusaders. As of July 23 in Little Rock, Oregon was 1 point ahead (and has been ahead eight other times this summer), before the Academy went 1.175 points ahead in Atlanta. The two corps will see each other one more time (Aug. 4 in Centerville, Ohio) before the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis. Hanging Tough: Based on recent finishes, the Crossmen have been hanging onto the 12th spot that makes it into the DCI World Championship Finals. The corps' nearest competition has been the Troopers, who has been more than a point away from the Texas corps every time they've met this summer. Don't count the Troopers out, however, as the Wyoming corps is known for its late-season surges. After falling 1.9 points behind the Blue Stars during the 2013 DCI World Championship Prelims, the Troop came within 15 hundredths of a point from grabbing the 12th finalist spot during the Semifinals. Battle of the Cheese Heads: While it was announced on Saturday that the Madison Scouts out-fundraised fellow Wisconsin rival the Blue Stars in a recent campaign, it was the Blue Stars that got the better of the Scouts on the football field in Atlanta, 86.150 to 84.950. The two corps have been flip-flopping in recent events, changing placements three times in the last week. The 1.2-point lead the Blue Stars were ahead of Madison in Atlanta, is the largest margin of victory they've enjoyed all summer.

The Colts showed the most improvement between regional events, adding 4.825 points to their score in a week.
Most Improved: Between July 19 at the San Antonio Alamodome and July 26 at the Atlanta Georgia Dome, the Colts showed the most improvement, adding 4.825 points to their score. The Blue Stars (+4.425), Boston Crusaders (+4.225) and Academy (+4.225) also added more than four points to their scores in one week. Jersey Surf (+2.525), Cadets (+2.725) and Cavaliers (+2.725) gained the least between the two regional events. On average, corps added 3.43 points to their score during that week. On the Road to Michigan City: Open Class corps have a number of exciting events scheduled in the coming week as they make their way to Michigan City, Indiana for the start of the Open Class World Championships on Monday, Aug. 4. Look for Open Class lineups on July 28 in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, July 29 in Troy, Michigan, July 30 in St. Paul, Minnesota, August 1 in Forest City, Iowa, and August 2 in Avon Lake, Ohio. Simulated Top 12: Based on averaging total scores over the last week, the top 12 corps at the World Championship Finals will potentially be (pluses and minuses indicate change from last week): 1. Blue Devils 2. The Cadets 3. Santa Clara Vanguard (+2) 4. Bluecoats 5. Carolina Crown (-2) 6. The Cavaliers 7. Blue Knights (+1) 8. Phantom Regiment (-1) 9. Madison Scouts (+1) 10. Boston Crusaders (+1) 11. Blue Stars (-1) 12. Crossmen Troopers, Colts and Spirit of Atlanta were the next three highest average scores of the week. Upcoming Events

Music City will perform next in Rice Lake, Wisconsin on Monday, July 28.
Monday, July 28 Charleston, WV Dublin, OH Rice Lake, WI Tuesday, July 29 Erie, PA Troy, MI Salem, VA Wednesday, July 30 St. Paul, MN West Chester, PA Rome, NY Thursday, July 31 Quincy, MA Piscataway, NJ Friday, August 1 Allentown, PA Forest City, IA Saturday, August 2 Allentown, PA Avon Lake, OH Sunday, August 3 Pittsburgh, PA Buffalo, NY View the complete 2014 DCI Tour schedule.