The 2014 Drum Corps International Tour Monday, July 28 through Sunday, August 3

Blue Devils continued their undefeated streak this week in record-breaking fashion.
High Scores World Class: Blue Devils (97.55), August 3, Buffalo, NY Open Class: Blue Devils B (77.675), August 1, Forest City, IA High Caption Scores World Class: Brass: Blue Devils (19.4), August 3, Buffalo, NY Percussion: Blue Devils (19.35), August 1, Allentown, PA Color Guard: Blue Devils (19.5), August 1, Allentown, PA Open Class: Brass: Blue Devils B (15.3), August 1, Forest City, IA Percussion: Vanguard Cadets (15.3), August 2, Avon Lake, OH Color Guard: Vanguard Cadets (16.4), August 2, Avon Lake, OH View all scores and recaps. Storylines to Watch

As the defending Open Class Champions, the Vanguard Cadets will have stiff competition during this week's Championships.
Race to the Top Spot: Blue Devils B and the Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets haven't competed against each other since July 13 in Bellflower, California, making their matchup at the Open Class World Championship Prelims on Monday a highly anticipated affair. The two corps were the highest scoring Open Class groups at their respective events on Aug. 1 in Forest City, Iowa and Aug. 2 in Avon Lake, Ohio, with a mere 0.15 points between them. Genesis of a Rivalry: Another close race in the Open Class to keep an eye on is that between 7th Regiment and Genesis. The two corps have met head-to-head four times this summer, and each has taken two wins apiece. Genesis was in the lead Aug. 2 in Avon Lake, Ohio by a little less than a point. East vs. West: Also keep an eye out for a tight race between Spartans and Gold. Gold came within 0.15 points of the Spartans on Aug. 1 in Forest City, Iowa. Scoring ahead of the Spartans is something Gold has never done. Historically the closest the two corps have ever finished is 2.850 points apart at the 2013 DCI World Championship Prelims. Record Setting: The Blue Devils broke a nine-year record held by the Cadets Friday Aug. 1 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, achieving the highest score ever recorded at J. Birney Crum Stadium, 96.825. The previous record was held by the 2005 Cadets (96.225), a corps that with the 2002 Cavaliers holds the record for the highest score ever at the DCI World Championship Finals, 99.150. Word on the street is that the Blue Devils' 97.550 in Buffalo, New York on Aug. 3 is a record high score for a DCI Tour event prior to the Championships.

Blue Knights scored above 90 points this season for the first time since 2007.
A 90 Score and Seven Years Ago: Though the corps dipped below in Allentown, Blue Knights reached the 90-point milestone July 29 in Erie, Pennsylvania. The corps hadn't scored above 90 points since the 2007 DCI World Championships in Pasadena. Working 90 to 95: The Cavaliers and Phantom Regiment were the only new corps to break 90 points for the first time this past week. The Cavaliers did so on July 29 in Salem, Virginia and Phantom did so on Aug. 3 in Pittsburgh. The Cadets went above 95 points on Aug. 2 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and the Bluecoats and Carolina Crown eclipsed 95 on Aug. 3 in Buffalo, New York. Photo Finish in the Making? Bluecoats and the Cadets have had a neck and neck race through much of the summer. Though the Cadets continued to hold off the Ohio corps over the past week as they've done at every event this summer, the Bluecoats finished just a quarter of a point behind them in Allentown on Aug. 2. A day later in Buffalo, New York, that lead was expanded to seven tenths of a point. The Bluecoats haven't been more than a point behind the Cadets since July 23 in Little Rock.

Locking Down 12th: The Crossmen continue to look like a solid bet to be the 12th and final corps that earns a chance to compete at the DCI World Championship Finals this coming Saturday. The Troopers continue to be the corps' closest competition, but the Crossmen finished ahead of the Troop by more than a point and a half on July 31 in Quincy, Massachusetts and on August 2 in Allentown. Most Improved: Between July 26 at the Atlanta Georgia Dome and this past weekend in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Jersey Surf showed the most improvement, adding 2.825 points to its score. Santa Clara Vanguard (+2.250), the Cavaliers (+2.325), Phantom Regiment (+2.125), Crossmen (+2.375), Troopers (+2.125) and Cascades (+2.075) also added more than two points to their scores in one week. Carolina Crown (+0.775), Blue Stars (+0.65), the Academy (+0.825), Oregon Crusaders (+0.550), Mandarins (+0.750) and Pioneer (+0.450), all added less than a point between the two events. The Colts showed the most improvement over two weeks, the only corps to add more than 6 points to their score between San Antonio on July 19 and Allentown on Aug. 1. Simulated Top 12: Based on averaging total scores over the last week, the top 12 corps at the World Championship Finals will potentially be (pluses and minuses indicate change from last week): 1. Blue Devils 2. The Cadets 3. Bluecoats (+1) 4. Santa Clara Vanguard (-1) 5. Carolina Crown 6. The Cavaliers 7. Blue Knights 8. Phantom Regiment 9. Boston Crusaders (+1) 10. Blue Stars (+1) 11. Madison Scouts (-2) 12. Crossmen Troopers, Colts and Spirit of Atlanta were the next three highest average scores of the week. Upcoming Events

Genesis will look toward its highest finish ever at this week's Open Class World Championship events.
Monday, August 4 Massillon, OH Michigan City, IN Centerville, OH Tuesday, August 5 Michigan City, IN Thursday, August 7 Indianapolis, IN Friday, August 8 Indianapolis, IN Saturday, August 9 Indianapolis, IN View the complete 2014 DCI Tour schedule.