Current Rankings 
Based on average score, June 22-25

1. Bluecoats - 72.500  
2. Blue Devils - 71.875  
3. Carolina Crown - 71.700  
4. The Cavaliers - 70.900  
5. Santa Clara Vanguard - 70.500  
6. The Cadets - 68.750  
7. Boston Crusaders - 68.150  
8. Blue Knights - 67.133  
9. Phantom Regiment - 65.617  
10. Blue Stars - 65.300  
11. Crossmen - 65.233  
12. Madison Scouts - 64.400  
13. The Academy - 63.700  
14. Mandarins - 62.300  
15. Troopers - 61.400  
16. Pacific Crest - 60.450  
17. Colts - 59.425  
18. Blue Devils B - 58.000  
19. Vanguard Cadets - 55.975  
20. Golden Empire - 49.900  
21. Pioneer - 48.750  
22. Blue Devils C - 44.525  
23. Colt Cadets - 44.150  

Note: Not all World Class nor Open Class corps have made their 2017 debuts.

Top Caption Scores

The Cavaliers

World Class

Brass: Bluecoats (14.6), Santa Clara Vanguard (14.6), Carolina Crown (14.5)
Percussion: The Cavaliers (15.0), Santa Clara Vanguard (14.6), Blue Devils (14.3)
Color Guard: Santa Clara Vanguard (14.7), Blue Devils (14.5), The Cadets (14.5)

Open Class
Brass: Blue Devils B (11.5), Vanguard Cadets (11.4)
Percussion: Vanguard Cadets (11.6), Blue Devils B (11.2)
Color Guard: Blue Devils B (11.5), Vanguard Cadets (11.0)

Storylines to Watch

Blue Stars

Blue Stars, Crossmen locked in early positioning battle
: In three head-to-head performances, no two corps have been as competitive with one another as the Blue Stars and Crossmen. The two split their first two matchups, each winning by less than four tenths of a point. In Sunday's competition in Michigan City, Indiana, Blue Stars finished just one tenth ahead of the Crossmen, despite trailing their San Antonio foes by 0.5 in the general effect caption.  

Blue Devils B holds solid early lead: Fresh off of a top-15 finish at last year's World Championship Semifinals, Blue Devils B came out strong this weekend with wins over the Vanguard Cadets, last season's second-place Open Class finisher. However, after leading by 2.7 points in Clovis on Friday, Blue Devils B's advantage was cut exactly in half to 1.35 on Sunday in Stanford. Vanguard Cadets topped Blue Devils B just twice in 17 meetings last season, with both wins coming in the front half of the tour.

Bluecoats keeping Crown at arm's length: Both times Bluecoats and Carolina Crown faced off this season, the defending World Champion has won by exactly 1.35 points, largely due to an advantage in the general effect caption. In Thursday's DCI Tour Premiere in Indianapolis, Bluecoats defeated the field in general effect by 0.9, while defeating Crown in the same caption by 0.6 the next night in Massillon, Ohio. Carolina Crown's strength in keeping the Canton corps within reach has been in overall music, a caption in which Crown finished just 0.05 behind the Bluecoats on Friday night.

A decade in the making: For the first time since 2007, Vanguard finished less than a point behind the Blue Devils on Sunday in Stanford. Vanguard also took top honors in the brass, percussion and color guard captions, the former of which you have to go all the way back to June of 2004 to find the last time Vanguard scored above its fellow northern California rival. On top of wins in those three subcaptions, SCV won the overall music caption. The Blue Devils' advantage Sunday was made almost entirely of its lead in general effect, where the 17-time World Champion led Vanguard by 0.8.

Mandarins making noise early: Since tying Pacific Crest with a score of 60.200 in their season-opening performance on Friday in Clovis, California, the Mandarins quickly found themselves ahead of a 2016 finalist, The Academy. With a full point advantage in general effect on Sunday, Mandarins defeated their foes from Arizona by 0.95 in total score with their show, “Inside the Ink.” Sunday's defeat of The Academy marked Mandarins' first since June 2014. The two finished 6.025 points apart at the end of last season.

Boston off to a wicked start: After finishing in 12th place last season, the Boston Crusaders opened up their 2017 tour with a strong showing on the judges' sheets. Boston, which finished eight points behind the sixth-place Cadets at the 2016 DCI Finals, finished just 1.05 behind the Allentown corps in the corps' debut performance on Friday in Massillon, Ohio. The Crusaders also finished 0.7 ahead of Cadets in brass, finishing just 0.3 behind the Bluecoats who won that subcaption. As a whole, music looks to be the strong suit for the Crusaders in 2017.

Stepping up to the plate: 11 corps will be making their 2017 debut this week, including Spirit of Atlanta (June 27, Pittsburgh, PA), Jersey Surf (June 30, Allentown, PA), Genesis (June 27, Pittsburgh, PA), 7th Regiment (July 2, Clifton, NJ), Gold (June 30, Oceanside, CA), Impulse (June 30, Oceanside, CA), Incognito (June 30, Oceanside, CA), Legends (July 2, La Crosse, WI), Music City (June 28, Evansville, IN), Raiders (July 2, Clifton, NJ) and Watchmen (June 30, Oceanside, CA).

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