More than 135 events will make up 2007 Summer Music Games Tour Start marking your calendars, fill out your forms for summer vacation time and get ready to hit the road for this year's drum corps season! The complete 2007 Drum Corps International Summer Music Games Tour schedule is here. Each year's scheduling process begins all the way back in April of the previous season when discussion begins with Drum Corps International's Tour Event Partners—the individuals in each host city who handle the logistics and production of their respective DCI sanctioned events—to determine their intent to host another event in the next season. Applications for new events also are evaluated at this time.
The 2007 Summer Music Games Tour will kick off with three events on June 14, including one in Annapolis, Md., at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

Next in a typical scheduling cycle—dependent on the location of the World Championships—the dates and locations for DCI Major Events are finalized and generally used as weekend anchor points to provide a set of logical dots that corps can connect traveling from show to show. Finally, all of the gaps between Major Event dates are filled in with DCI sanctioned shows, while working closely with all drum corps to ensure that a particular corps' tour will offer ample performance opportunities along the way and allow for safe travel. This year's Summer Music Games schedule has been particularly challenging to put together because of a late-season swing west as corps make their way to California for the first-ever DCI World Championships in Pasadena. "Finalizing the 2007 schedule has been kind of like assembling a big 135 piece jigsaw puzzle of the United States, but we've been thrilled with the cooperation we've had from our Tour Event Partners and the corps," said Susan Kuehnhold, Drum Corps International's senior manager of tour and special events. "We've been able to work closely with the corps to ensure that they are not being asked to tour past their operational capabilities while making it a priority to put together events that will be exciting and entertaining for fans."
Come August, fans will be entering Rose Bowl Stadium when the 2007 DCI World Championships come to Pasadena, Calif.

This is the earliest that the Summer Music Games Tour schedule has ever been released prior to the start of a season. While the schedule will inevitably see some minor changes as the winter progresses and the 2007 season approaches, releasing this early enables corps to communicate and plan their tour schedules well in advance and gives fans opportunities to plan their summer vacations, possibly allowing them to visit major regional events that they may have never visited before. "We also hope that with the schedule out this early, band directors will have a chance to set up trips to Drum Corps International events for their students, making those visits an integral part of their preparations for the following fall marching band season," said Kuehnhold. View a listing of all events on the 2007 Summer Music Games Tour. View the "Events & Tickets" page to find more information about all 2007 DCI Major Regional Events and ticket information.