Johnathon Bower
Johnathon Bower, 21 Eastern Michigan University Glassmen 2009-2012 Baritone/Euphonium 1. Physically prepare. Drum corps is a physical activity. It takes being physically fit in every way. Running, pushups, and some kind of core workouts will adequately prepare you for auditions. If you show up and can hold your horn up, it'll be one less thing to think and worry about. 2. Be confident. Confidence is important in every performing art. A drum corps that looks confident while marching will look more impressive. So naturally if you exude confidence, you will fit into the look and sound of the corps. 3. Memorize the technique book. Memorizing the technique book will allow you to pay attention to more detailed instructions the staff is telling you, and allow you to learn more. Once you earn a spot in the corps and later show up for spring training, you will need to have it memorized anyway. 4. Be social. Talking to others is a great way to get to know other people in your future corps. Drum corps is the best place to be yourself. Making friends will make your summer so much more fun, and the audition process won't feel as scary! 5. Sleep well and get hydrated before camp. Both of these things are vital to your health. So naturally if you want to do something as physically demanding as drum corps, these should be a priority for at least the week before camp. View additional audition tips, and learn more about corps audition dates, locations, and more.