For the first time ever at the DCI Annual Meeting (Jan. 22-23 in Indianapolis), members of the individual corps' boards of directors came together for a series of educational sessions to learn from each other and discuss a variety of topics related to the governance of their own organizations. Cadets Board Chair Bill Speakman explains in this interview with Field Pass host Dan Potter, the objectives this group had for the weekend in addition to how the role of the boards of directors in charge of DCI's individual organizations have evolved over time. "Over the last 10 or 15 years that I've been involved, the boards are becoming stronger relative to the management of the corps," said Speakman. "We've now moved toward a modern governance structure where the boards are really advising and giving consent to what's happening with the executive directors and the corps directors, so it's much more of a realistic board model than it was in the old founding director days."
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