Boylan High School, Rockford, Ill.
Despite heavy rain and lightning before the show, the Drum Corps International competitive season opener on Friday, June 19 in Rockford, Ill., entertained parents and drum corps fans with a standstill concert. The DCI Tour event Show of Shows was held at Boylan High School and is the "home show" of the Rockford-based Phantom Regiment. After postponing the event during heavy thunderstorms resulting in slick field conditions, officials decided to hold a standstill concert in the stadium. Even after waiting through delays and braving the weather, by the time the corps took the field, cheering fans still filled the stands. "There was a flood near this area and people were still buying tickets," drum corps fan and contributor Christina Mavroudis said. "No one's going to miss the first show." Though corps were not judged on their performances, crowds listened to the Racine Scouts, Pioneer, Spirit, Madison Scouts, Blue Stars, the Cavaliers, Bluecoats and the defending World Champions, Phantom Regiment. Pioneer cymbal line member Jen Tarka said the corps' first performance was a great start to the 2009 season. "Despite not being able to present our full visual package, I still feel like we gave the crowd a good first impression of this year's show."

Phantom color guard members pose
for a shot after the show.
The Bluecoats surprised fans by appearing in the concert after a previous announcement that the corps would forego playing to get a head start on a long trip to the west coast. Parents and fans attending the show enjoyed the corps performances' even without the full "visual package" on the field, many reported. David Zillner's son is a member of the Cavaliers tuba section. "It was fun listening to music and paying attention to the kids out there just playing," he said. Also on Friday on the east coast, the Music in Motion DCI Tour event in Chambersburg, Pa. featured performances by the Holy Name Cadets, Carolina Crown, Boston Crusaders, Glassmen and Colts. The Holy Name Cadets came out on top, besting Carolina Crown and the Boston Crusaders. View a complete recap of scores from the Chambersburg, Pa. event. With assistance from Christina Mavroudis.