Interview from July 29, in Atlanta, Ga., at the 2006 Coltrin & Associates DCI Southeastern Championship. Name: Marty LeJeune
Age: 17
Hometown: Baton Rouge, La.
Drum corps experience: The Magic 2006 (trumpet) What is your favorite drum corps memory so far? The first Allentown show. It was just a great day for all of us. The energy was there, and it was after we'd had a really bad show the day before, and it just came together the next day. We pretty much had our staff in tears, so it was a great show.
What is your favorite moment in your show? In "Chaos," at our first entrance, where the trumpets have short hits. I like to play loud. We're down in the front, and everything's moving really fast. What made you choose the Magic? I saw Magic perform last year in Baton Rouge, and I'd always wanted to do drum corps. I saw their show, I thought it was really good, and since they're in Orlando, it was a plus that they were close. I thought it would be a really great place to march. I like the corps' style and technique. What do you miss most from home? Mainly my parents and my family. That's pretty much it though, because I feel like I belong here, which is awesome. Oh, and I miss my cat, Peppy.

What were you most looking forward to before tour? Playing and being part of the corps. I wanted to get out there and do it. Learning everything seemed really overwhelming at first, and I didn't think I could do it. But I was really looking forward to performing. It's been better than what I expected. Anything else you want to say? Thanks to our staff for giving me a chance and helping me every time I needed it.